Reusable Large Checks
Draw, share, erase.  Use it again for the next event. If you know you’re going to need to use your giant check on more than one occasion, consider the value of a reusable large check. Covered in lamination, you can simply write on the check for each event, exhibition, class, or presentation, erasing the text when it’s all said and done so you can store it away and use it again when necessary. Reusable checks for presentations are an incredibly cost effective solution to interactive and engaging presentations, providing you with presentation materials over and over again.

Reusable Large Check Material Options
If you know you need a reusable check, we have two different material options for you to consider.

Economy Board (Coroplast): Fluted corrugated plastic with slight ridges on the surface to give the check texture.
PVC Board: Smooth plastic that makes for a more professional appearance.

Available in different sizes, as the check size increases, do note that the Economy Board is shipped with a hinge and folded to keep the shipping rate the same.

The actual finished size of the 48" x 24" check is 46.5" x 23.25".


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Dry Erase Check Design Options
As a focal part of any presentation, the design of your reusable check is going to be highly important. Therefore, we offer limitless design options that are sure to work with your requirements, including logos, images, colors, and fonts.
Using our online design tool, you can play around with different layouts for hours until you feel like you have the check you want. Once you submit the design, we will print the design on the laminated check so it’s immediately ready for usage. And, if you don’t care about the design, simply click “Blank” checks and choose from a small list of backgrounds.

Presenting Your Reusable Check
The most important part of reusable checks is the presentation and appearance of these products when it comes to your presentation speech, demonstration, and so forth. Most dry erase and liquid chalk markers can be used with our reusable checks. However, we have found that Expo markers work with the best results. Due to the gloss finish on our checks, there can be a glare in photos, which is why we recommend photography with no flash as well as holding the checks at an angle.

When it’s all said and done, wipe off the marker with a soft cloth. If you leave the marker on the check for months on end before usage again, the chemicals in the marker can stain the check surface.

Your Dry Erase Check
Massive checks offer a lot of presentation and educational potential when used in individual or group settings. Most of our buyers go onto use their dry erase checks for:
College and high school classes
Business presentations
Expositions and exhibitions
Photos and video shoots
Materials for advertising and marketing

However, the sky is the limit! If you’re using your reusable check in a creative way, let our team know. We’d love to feature your media on our social media!