Economy Board

Printed on 4mm corrugated plastic board, otherwise known as Coroplast, our Economy Board material is our most popular extra large event check selection due to its affordability. With an ergonomic corrugated structure, the material is waterproof, durable, and long-lasting, while still being lightweight. The plastic does not crack if the check is dropped, and is able to withstand different weather conditions. Additionally, the corrugated design is covered by a smooth surface so the writing is not altered in any way. 

Our Economy Board checks are popular for one-time events, which is why their cost savings is something most businesses consider. If you’re looking to reuse the check, then check out our reusable laminate large check packages with dry erase board here, as well as the following PVC Board option.

PVC Board

Our PVC event checks are printed on 1/8” smooth plastic board. This is our most professional and eye-catching extra large check material option made to you. There’s nothing that can compare to the shine and prominence of PVC plastic in all media captured at the event. Rigid, durable, and hardy, PVC Board checks can be written on with permanent marker for a one-time use, as well as dry erase marker for multiple uses if you select dry erase checks. However, the PVC cannot be altered in any way, which is why this is our most expensive material option available to you.

If taking photos of PVC Board, be sure to use no flash, as well as hold the check at an angle to account for any glare. The best photos with these checks are taken during golden hour periods of dawn and dusk.

Roll Up Board

Our Roll Up checks are printed on 1mm styrene, otherwise known as a very thin plastic material today. Although this material can be rolled for easy and affordable transport, this plastic is thicker and more rigid than a cardboard alternative. But, since the material is flexible in nature, our Roll Up checks are one-time use checks, only. Consider the PVC Board alternative if you plan to use this check at multiple events.